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There are many ways in which marketing can be done for a dispensary or cannabis company, but one of the most effective ways is through website search engine optimization.


ePropel is a company driven by purpose. We do what we do best and make sure to obtain results for our clients by all means. In the same way, our prime goal is to help hundreds of other companies thrive in their ventures online for the next twelve months, especially since we consider clients’ success our top priority.

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ePropel Digital is a cannabis digital marketing company that helps its clients with their digital marketing needs. We have been in the industry for two years now and have helped many cannabis dispensaries from around the globe grow their business by providing them with digital marketing solutions.

Our company was founded by Newton Zheng, who now leads the company today as CEO. He wants to change the way people think about cannabis – he wants people to stop thinking of it as a drug and instead see it as an alternative way of life.

He is not afraid to take risks and experiment with new ideas, which is why he chose to go into the cannabis industry – he believes that this is where things will change in terms of how people view cannabis.

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ePropel Digital is a cannabis business marketing company that can service any legal dispensary or cannabis operation on the planet. We offer a variety of services that range from seo data and analytics management, content creation, and SEO. Our dispensary marketing team is led by a group of experts who are all cannabis industry veterans.

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The legalization of cannabis or marijuana has been prevalent in recent years in the country. Eleven states currently allow it for recreational use, while thirty-three states permit its medical use. While controversial, the health effects that cannabis brings are undeniable – which is why it remains popularly sought-for even today.


Over the years, the cannabis industry has witnessed booming growth and change unlike any other. This exponential growth only keeps increasing, with no seeming end in sight. In fact, industry research group New Frontier Data projects the cannabis industry to reach $51 billion by 2025, doubling conservatively throughout the years. This projection is considered even with evident cannabis restrictions and regulations in place, with marijuana remaining federally illegal despite the legalization of medical use and adult use in some states.


As movements in legalizing cannabis continues to venture into new states alongside the efforts of Congress members to advocate for federal legalization or perform, it’s foreseeable that the cannabis industry will find itself breaking into new markets. As this meteoric climb continues, so make the efforts of many marijuana companies. Numerous cannabis companies are constantly looking for ways to become more efficient in their operations as they resume scaling their ever-growing enterprises.


To do this, companies are partnering with vertical business vendors who take charge of processing and production, as well as cannabis brands that can ensure quality control, cut costs on sales, and improve productivity. But while this seems like an easy prospect to accomplish, the truth is that the cannabis industry in business is quite complex. The truth of the matter is that while the industry has changed significantly through the years, marketing remains a serious – and probably the toughest – challenge mainly because of regulations in the industry and legalization.


Fortunately, the advent of the digital age has made it easier and more convenient to market cannabis owners’ services and products. Through technology and social media, marijuana business owners are presented with plenty of techniques and strategies they can utilize to advertise their business online.


But before you get to that point, it’s vital that you first understand how it works and, most especially, what cannabis marketing is like. This article will discuss some salient points about the marijuana industry, some challenges business owners face in marketing, and how ePropel can ultimately help you efficiently market your products.


What is marijuana?


Before we delve deeper into the nature of marijuana marketing, here is a brief background about Marijuana or Cannabis.


Cannabis, also called Cannabis sativa, is a herbal drug containing chemicals referred to as cannabinoids, including cannabidiol (CBD) and delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The cannabinoids present in cannabis work by binding themselves into specific brain sites as well as on the nerves. Over a hundred cannabinoids are present in cannabis, but its CBD and THC components are the ones studied extensively.


That said, most people typically use cannabis as a recreational drug. It’s mainly consumed for the calming and relaxing effects that it brings. Some states in the US prescribe cannabis to help with an array of medical conditions such as poor appetite, glaucoma, and chronic pain. Besides this, people also use cannabis for nerve pain and multiple sclerosis, alongside migraine, nausea, and vomiting, among many other conditions.


Despite the helpful benefits that cannabis brings, misuse can result in short or long-term effects that may be harmful to the user, hence the strict regulations set in place. These strict industry regulations only make it harder for marijuana-based businesses to advertise their products, but this doesn’t have to be the case.


What is marijuana and cannabis marketing?


As mentioned above, the cannabis industry is projected to reach new heights in 2025, amounting to $51 billion by then. But even with its increase and endless climb in profits, the demand for cannabis products doesn’t automatically guarantee success for your business or dispensary. You need to put in an extensive amount of effort in marketing as well, balancing the needs of your patients and customers while prioritizing your strategies in digital marketing.


As the legalization of cannabis progresses and the cannabis market matures over the country, more and more consumers are becoming meticulous about the kind of products they consume and how they prefer them. This means that if you want to offer the best experience for each customer, you need to have a solid and foolproof strategy for your target audience and to who you plan on selling more.


For instance, knowing sufficient information about your customer base and being informed about your demographic breakdown is a vital step in marketing. From this, you will need to develop a plan that can help retain or reach your prospective or current customers based on each age group’s characteristics alone.


As a cannabis-based business, it’s important that you understand who your clients and consumers are, how that relates to the broader audience, and what you can do to keep them engaged while attracting other customer groups.


Remember that it’s an entire gold rush waiting for you in the cannabis industry – all laden with government restrictions, penalties, conflict, and guidelines that can be hard to navigate. In such an industry, how will you start, and how will you do it properly?


To help you gain further insight into this, here are some challenges often faced by business owners in marketing cannabis.


Challenges in marketing cannabis


Perhaps you’ve already experienced some hurdles along the way with marketing cannabis, or maybe you want to get it right this time. Regardless, if you want to market marijuana effectively, it’s imperative that you first understand the different challenges you have to deal with advertising the product. That said, here are some of the common issues in advertising cannabis.


  1. Need to meet strict industry regulations


The cannabis industry remains highly regulated, even to this day. This basically means that before dispensaries and merchants are able to sell their services or products online, these would have to be subjected to different tests to determine the amount of THC they contain. Such legal requirements may only result in further delays, which can present formidable challenges in the field of marketing.


Not only that, but governmental regulations tend to be tighter for cannabis, especially since it’s still deemed illegal at the federal level. Moreover, many advertising platforms have their own set of policies as well, posing some difficulty in marketing cannabis online. Restrictions are tight such that cannabis advertisements, by law, must only be targeted at people over 21 years old and cannot include any health-related or medical claims. These must also be highly limited in outdoor spaces, mainly depending on the state.


Because of this, it’s important to do prior research about local laws and your area’s state before coming up with a marketing strategy. This way, you can avoid incurring heft penalties or fines.


  1. Major e-commerce brands outside the industry


Another challenge that most cannabis business owners deal with is that major brands in e-commerce aren’t involved and choose to stay out of the cannabis industry. While it’s still likely to buy cannabidiol in certain areas where marijuana isn’t legalized, there is still the persisting challenge of determining the amount of THC in a particular CBD product. E-commerce companies’ unwillingness to cooperate or participate with various cannabis companies is a significant marketing challenge that they face on a daily basis.


  1. Challenges in verifying identities of customers


Before one can sell their cannabis products online, most companies are often required to confirm the age of their buyers or customers. In order to do this, marijuana companies will have to depend on certain information such as the address, name, and date of birth of such customers. But the difficulty arises when certain customers change important documents during the process of purchasing the product, exposing merchants of cannabis to risks in liability, among many others.


  1. Legitimate businesses compete with illegal dealers


A considerable number of prospective customers often prefer purchasing cannabis on the streets instead of buying from a legitimate business. One of the reasons this happens is that buying cannabis products on the streets tends to be a lot cheaper than buying them from an authentic store. This sustained reliance and dependence on illicit dealers and illegal sources typically result in cash flow constraints on the end of cannabis businesses and companies. In the end, it only proves too difficult to market the product to a wide reach of customers.


  1. Increasing distribution constraints and demand


With the plenty of ups and downs experienced by the cannabis industry, it remains significantly hard for cannabis companies to stay ahead and on top of their sales and inventory. The lack of streamlined distribution channels to facilitate deliveries from door to door also makes it challenging for these companies to cope with the growing demand.


  1. Changing perceptions


While it’s true that marijuana has been there for a long time, it’s undeniable that the industry is still young. The marijuana landscape is changing continuously, with perceptions shifting from time to time. Cannabis companies should learn how to adapt to these changes when they market their products.


  1. Stigma


As there are an increasing number of states legalizing cannabis for medical and recreational use, society has been gradually beginning to accept marijuana as a normal substance. However, given that this substance has been deemed illegal for plenty of years, no amount of legislation nor legalization can eliminate the stigma that is associated with cannabis and its use in a single instance.


The overarching stigma is something that poses a real threat and challenge to cannabis companies, especially when it comes to marketing their products.

How Epropel Can Help


Being in the cannabis industry means that you have numerous things to consider and oversee, which is why running a cannabis business is complex, complicated, and often confusing. Not to mention the insane difficulty and challenges posed by cannabis marketing in the face of strict industry restrictions and regulations.


With so many things on your plate, it can really get quite overwhelming at times. What do you do then?


The good news is: you don’t have to do it alone – you never should be. Even though you have great products and have a ton of customers who love your services and what you offer, branching out in terms of sales is still a hurdle that most cannabis companies find difficult to overcome.


ePropel is an SEO agency company that can help accelerate your site’s organic visitors into prospective customers. Consider this: millions of users around the globe are searching on Google for the exact services and products you offer, and you only need to seize this opportunity to rank on Google and generate incoming sales regularly.


ePropel helps you do this and more. Our team at ePropel is composed of compassionate, experienced, and driven people who love nothing more than doing well at their jobs. Here, we make sure to collaborate directly with clients and work as a team to achieve your goals more efficiently and productively.


More than that, we also have a proven, three-step SEO system that has already helped many companies obtain their paths to success, and yours is no exception. From small business owners to large firms such as Capital One, experience is undeniably ePropel’s strong suit, so you don’t have anything to worry about since you’re in good hands.


If you’re struggling to market your cannabis products online, ePropel is your best bet. We offer both eCommerce SEO and Marijuana SEO services that are precisely tailored to attract more of your ideal customers on top of the results in Google Search without resorting to paid advertisements.


ePropel’s Marijuana SEO Service


The recent legalization in countries in North America contributed to an increase in the use and demand for marijuana. Predictably, this only means that marijuana industries will experience massive growth projections, motivating plenty of aspiring entrepreneurs to test the waters and find the best way to kickstart their cannabis business. Consequently, this means that the competition is bound to get steeper as many entrepreneurs venture their way into the cannabis market, potentially harming your business down the line.


Fortunately, the cannabis industry has proven itself to be a highly-scalable business. Despite being a new economy boon, it also sheds light on the challenges that most owners typically face, as mentioned above. Regardless, growing an extensively regulated drug is a challenge that’s not easy to take. Thus, if you want to get ahead of the competition, you need to have a proven-and-tested SEO strategy that’s tailored specifically for businesses related to cannabis; otherwise, all the efforts you have exerted thus far will only merit low returns, which can be frustrating, to say the least.


That said, ePropel’s value-added strategy helps serve as an alternative to the media and marketing restrictions on cannabis. This foolproof SEO system is specifically designed for cannabis websites that were initially banned for paid advertisements.


If you choose to partner with ePropel, we will lend you a helping hand in future-proofing your cannabis content, bulletproofing your marijuana SEO strategies, and sure-firing your inbound sales and visibility. With a precise and laser-focused SEO advertising goal, you will be able to obtain traction in your cannabis business despite strict and harsh restrictions on marijuana marketing.


You don’t even have to be knowledgeable or experienced in terms of leveraging an SEO marketing campaign specifically targeted at your brand. ePropel will be there to assist you along the way. Our Marijuana SEO service allows clients to deep-dive into some of the best and most exceptional SEO techniques and strategies that accommodate the demands of the Cannabis marketplace.


Marijuana SEO Strategies


  • Detailed selection of cannabis keywords


ePropel will help generate more organic visitors to your website through a detailed selection and exploration of cannabis keywords. If you want your products and services to be visible to your target audience, you need to select the appropriate keywords cautiously to ensure that your business lands in the search results and reaches the most sought-after place on Google’s first page.


  • Unparalleled technical site SEO practices


Optimizing your website and server’s overall functionality is a must to allow search engine spiders to index your site more effectively.


  • Firm link-building strategies


The company also employs robust link building strategies by helping you obtain quality sites to link to further boost your authority, thus establishing trust with potential customers and increasing your credibility as a business. This will significantly boost your search rankings when prospective customers search for your services and products online, making them organic leads.


  • Insightful site audit


Conducting thorough site reviews will provide you with an overview of your site’s general health. REgular site audit checks help make sure that your website pages are optimized and perform at their best regularly.


  • On-page SEO strategy


ePropel’s on-page SEO boosts your site’s visibility within various search engines. When optimized correctly, users can immediately search and access your site whenever they want to buy services or products like yours or need relevant information.


  • Analyze competition


ePropel’s competitive analysis strategy will provide you with an idea of your competitors, what they’re offering, and the SEO strategies that they use. Understanding your competition will give you an insight into how you can outrank them by redeveloping campaigns and strategies to make your brand stand out.


  • Optimize marijuana products


We make sure that your content is cannabis-related and represents other related search terms. This particularly strategy efficiently directs ready-to-buy users to your pages when they search for cannabis products and information online.

If there’s one point everybody should know concerning marijuana or cannabis advertising and promotion, it’s far different from the usual selling detergent bars, soda, beers, auto, or any product that you can slap on billboards and social media.


Cannabis is an extraordinary market to become a part of, with incredible growth prospects yet extremely significant obstacles and problems. Compared to other products that you can advertise and sell on anything to anyone, any addictive drug is a different ballgame, requiring talent, intuition, knowledge, and, most importantly, SEO.


So, in this section, I will guide you on how you can advertise cannabis business to a large market and what cannabis digital marketing agency is the best to make your business achieve greater success.


Why do you need to hire a cannabis marketing agency?

Nowadays, several cannabis-related industries are supported by their general expansion and are regarded as vital services. There is now a real growth in marijuana usage, which is excellent news for starting investors and companies. The medical and recreational marijuana industries are expanding significantly, particularly in the light of the event of COVID-19 pandemic. Many consumers seek recreational drugs like cannabis to manage mental conditions such as high levels of stress and distress.


The ever-increasing revenue figures for cannabis demonstrate that the marketplace for recreational drugs is both extensive and highly competitive. But, remember, this does not imply that cannabis and other drug products markets themselves, especially with their fast-growing demographic. Success is not easy as it seems.

The accomplishment achieved by a cannabis business is greatly influenced by organic search. It is a necessary aspect of the buying process, and to be included in top results on any search engine is your way to connect to your consumers successfully.


Google is not only the world’s most visited platform in terms of overall traffic, but they are also at the top, being the world’s most popular email service, with more than one billion members. Also, YouTube (which they also own) is the second world’s search engine.

The average person around the globe goes to Google at least every day to look something up. So, becoming a highly prominent and reputable website within Google’s perspective will always provide you a great advantage to compete in the broad marketplace of cannabis. A solid website plus effective SEO will get you right at the top.


Local SEO is the key to attracting people to your cannabis business.

Due to the rising dominance of web data traffic, a local SEO is essential for the online advertising and marketing effectiveness of any cannabis business.


Local SEO improves your web properties so that consumers can simply locate your cannabis business, bringing consumers one small step toward completing a purchase. Developing your website for search algorithms enables your business to target particular towns and areas and creates a practical pathway for attracting local awareness to your marijuana dispensaries.


What branding agency is the best for my cannabis business?

The reality is that the promotional strategies you use (or do not employ) currently will determine the direction of your cannabis brand. The overall success of your business is greatly dependent on the legal manner in which you promote your brand to your consumer. Keep in mind that cannabis remains federally illegal in some places, so regular promotional activities are not always a good choice.


Because of this, experienced cannabis businesses are consulting with the best cannabis branding agency specializing in advertising and marketing this market.

Many organizations are looking for assistance with topics such as:

  • identifying and interacting with your ideal customers
  • Finding the right distribution points for your products and services
  • Creating a communications plan while establishing the business tone and style
  • Understanding SEO and becoming discoverable via google search
  • Developing a connected and effective fan following on social media
  • Increasing web traffic and transforming every visitor to purchase.

This is where we may assist you. Because ePropel Digital specializes in assisting cannabis businesses to achieve their aimed goal and target the attract a large audience on their website, compared to other services, we provide more effective and successful results.

We are the service you need to assist you in ascending towards the front in a sector that is becoming more competitive, as we have an experienced team that specializes in cannabis marketing.


With the global market that is rapidly going online, ePropel Digital wants to assist you in taking the chance for your business to make at the front of the Search engines and generate consistent sales. Our team at ePropel is comprised of knowledgeable, motivated, and caring individuals. Once we engage with your business, we deal closely with you to accomplish every one of your objectives. ePropel Digital has an advanced SEO method that helped numerous businesses prosper, and we are confident that it will also benefit you. The ePropel Digital staff has assisted firms ranging from starting companies to giant corporations such as Capital One in achieving their goals and objectives, so rest assured that you and your business are in safe hands.


Let’s work together!

Here At ePropel Digital (cannabis marketing agency), we can effectively elevate your SEO promotional techniques and offer your business the knowledge to help you compete against your competitors. We appreciate clarity; no query is too large or even too for ePropel to respond. Our company will never stop until you haven’t reached your desired success in your business. As your business SEO companion, we could build a thorough cannabis advertising campaign that adheres to Google’s stringent guidelines as well as delivers effectively for your website.

 ePropel Digital (cannabis marketing agency) are delighted with our staff and appreciative of every customer who has placed their trust in our excellent service. Once we are successful in increasing the profitability of each of our customers, we spend the effort to applaud their achievement.


Conclusion On Cannabis Marketing

We really want to participate in your business adventure. Our offer has been made with your best interests in mind. Understand that even though the cannabis business is in-demand in the current marketplace, never expect to have instant success the moment you start the business. Seek help from an excellent cannabis marketing agency now to help you with your brand marketing needs and help you survive in the broad and competitive recreational drugs market.

If you wish to improve your business’s technique and promotion, ePropel Digital (cannabis marketing agency) is delighted to provide you with everything you need to know in the field. And once you are ready to speak, ePropel Digital (cannabis marketing agency) is here to assist you. Contact us at any moment via our contact form.

The CBD and CBD oil market is flourishing with a myriad of products catered to green-conscious individuals. These products are, moreover, particularly popular in the medical market. 


In Canada, the sale of adult-use cannabidiol-based products became legal in 2018, and the industry has grown extensively since then, though not devoid of consumer protection concerns.


CBD companies can legally promote their products in Canada, but retailers are not allowed to tout the health benefits of these products, nor should the packaging contain these claims. This is a very big burden for sellers who want to promote their cannabidiol merchandise in the health market in a convincing fashion.


A good marketing strategy in the CBD markets should aim to provide ways to comply with regulations while securing leads, potential customers, and ambassadors for the brand. We at ePropel provide means for marketing CBD online with SEO, thanks to our staff of marketing experts. We specialize in CBD marketing and are equipped to deliver the best brand recognition techniques for your company.


What is CBD and CBD Oil Marketing?


CBD marketing and CBD oil marketing refers to the activities performed by entrepreneurs and retailers who deal with CBD and CBD oil products for the purposes of selling them. However, modern cbd marketing involves more than simply selling the product. 


A new approach to marketing consists of establishing long-term relationships with the customer base and tending to their needs and desires. To accomplish this objective, the marketing strategies employed tend to transcend the product or service offered, and invite customers to identify and commit to the values that the brand fosters. Thus, while selling could be considered a primary short-term objective, consistent growth through the organic formation of a loyal client base would be considered a primary long-term goal that ensures the business’ survivability and endurance over time.


CBD marketing doesn’t happen in a vacuum, however. The controversial nature of the value proposition should compel us to understand the hurdles we’re bound to face throughout the course of our CBD marketing campaign.


CBD on The Rise


The demand for cannabidiol (CBD) products worldwide has increased exponentially as soon as they started gaining regulatory clearance. In 2021, the global cannabidiol market size ascended to USD 4.9 billion, and experts suggest that it may reach the exorbitant size of USD 47.2 billion by 2028.


CBD oil has been employed heavily in the manufacturing of skincare products and cosmetics. In addition, governments and actors within the research and development (R&D) sector around the world are beginning to show special interest in it. Several clinical trials have been conducted to certify CBD’s effectiveness in treating maladies such as epilepsy. schizophrenia, and encephalopathies, with promising results.


This rapid development in the market sentiment for CBD has raised the eyebrows of certain securities agencies, due to the high expectations set out by big players in the CBD industry. This is coupled with the generally negative connotations that have historically plagued marijuana consumption, connotations that obscure the bigger picture showing all the positive aspects of cannabis and CBD.


The Canadian CBD Industry


While CBD has taken the world by storm during these recent years, conversely, the CBD industry in Canada had it rough in 2021. The industry saw a rise in unlicensed providers, which correspondingly spawned heavy skepticism on the part of consumers and hurt the industry as a whole.


Licensed retailers were the most impacted by this phenomenon, and law enforcement agents were particularly nitpicky on law-abiding CBD offerors, subjecting the latter to exhaustive inspections and restrictions. Meanwhile, the unlicensed market appeared to have been operating at its leisure.


There has been a failure on the part of Canadian authorities in opening routes for testing. This testing is crucial in guaranteeing customers’ informed consent, and sellers of homegrown cannabis products can also be granted the opportunity to ensure and demonstrate that their products are safe for human consumption.


This situation, coupled with the worldwide boom of CBD products, casts a fog of confusion across the Canadian CBD market, marred by the inability on the part of policymakers to tackle the illegal offering of cannabis derivatives.


Confusion with marijuana


Historical and social stigma also played a relevant role in this dire panorama, as hinted above. 


Cannabis has been culturally associated with undesirables and irresponsible behaviour. The plethora of detrimental health effects linked to marijuana smoking and its THC content have been instrumental in fomenting the general social disapproval that still lingers in the current Canadian social ethos towards anything cannabis-related. However, regulatory bodies, as well as public opinion, are prone to paint this subject with very broad strokes.


For one, Cannabis Sativa is often confused with marijuana (unjustifiably so). Marijuana is simply a byproduct of female Cannabis Sativa, one that is peculiarly rich in THC, the principal psychoactive compound in cannabis that produces the usual effects we all know: euphoria, relaxation, and appetite stimulation. THC and CBD are compounds found in both marijuana and hemp. However, CBD does not carry the same effects but rather inhibits the psychoactive influence of THC when dominant.


CBD’s structure was studied in depth during the early ’60s and the medical benefits of hemp plants and CBD have been known for years by a great part of the medical community. However, the legal framework for CBD usage has lagged significantly in this regard, owing to the very way legislation is usually passed, and Canada has not been an exception.


CBD oil marketing, or CBD marketing in general, should strive to reinforce social approval of cannabis as a viable healthy outgrowth and not simply a tool for entertainment. For this purpose, ePropel market analysts are qualified to study market sentiment for CBD products and create a strategy that addresses these objections and dispels any negative notions that may still remain in the minds of the target audience. though done in a way that does not translate into regulatory breaches.


How CBD is regulated in Canada


CBD – derived from hemp, marijuana, and other cannabis varieties – is considered a controlled substance in light of the applicable United Nations conventions related to drug control. This definition was likewise received into Canadian legislation, collected in the Cannabis Act (which supersedes the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act).


Under the former Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, CBD was strictly regulated and it was not legal to trade CBD unless an authorization was granted for scientific or medical goals. The Cannabis Act, on the other hand, marked an important milestone in Canada’s legal history since the ban in 1923. Nonetheless, as said before, this relaxation is not without its caveats.


Health Canada is the department of the Government of Canada charged with overseeing the production and distribution of cannabis and CBD products countrywide. The respective provinces and territories likewise supervise how these are distributed and sold within their own jurisdictions.


You must carry a federal licence to cultivate cannabis for commercial purposes. These licences are classified as follows:


  • Cultivation licence under Cannabis Regulations, for growing cannabis plants with assorted amounts of CBD and THC.
  • Industrial hemp licence for the cultivation of cannabis plants containing no more than 0.3% THC across the heads, branches, and leaves.


Unfortunately, CBD is receiving the same legal treatment as THC, notwithstanding the obvious differences we’ve already outlined. In the meantime, these are the legal hoops that we’re offered.


How To Build a Good Digital CBD and CBD Oil Marketing Plan


Now that we’re in the know regarding CBD, its market conditions and legal treatment, let’s dive into our main area of interest, which is CBD marketing. The information provided above is useful, as it draws a frame within which our marketing efforts can be deployed.


Marketing has been evolving constantly since the advent of the “production era”. Back in the 1930s, an advertisement was reduced to a piece of text or physical banner describing the benefits of a product but, soon afterwards, enticing imagery began to gain relevance, as well as a great bunch of brand recognition methods. Marketing evolved from being simply a mechanism by which retailers and manufacturers offered their goods and services to a synergic relationship wherein the target audience and potential customers take center stage.


Digital marketing is the next big tool for brand recognition and many people fail to realize just how different digital marketing is from traditional marketing.


The first big and obvious difference is the medium. Traditional marketing was far more limited in terms of the channels you could use, and they were known to be scarce. For example, spaces to place a billboard are few, and not all of them are particularly useful. Placement in a prominent area of a newspaper’s classified section would have you paying large sums of money depending on the outlet’s reach, same with TV ads.


Nowadays, marketing is going through a relative “democratization” process which not only puts clients under the spotlight (meaning that they virtually “call the shots”) but also allows small companies to build their way up organically through their own merits rather than by “handing out checks” to media executives, a practice most small businesses can’t afford to engage in.


Digital marketing, as its name might give out, makes use of digital channels to communicate and present a value proposition. These channels may consist of a website, a social media platform, or an email client. These, in contrast to the traditional marketing channels, are largely low-cost or virtually free, and it’s up to you if you want to spend money to increase exposure or not.


There is often overlap between the concepts of traditional marketing and digital marketing, for you will still find several similarities. Paid marketing is still possible, and it’s bound to the same scarcity that characterizes traditional marketing means, so that you will only have limited visible slots available for a hefty fee. However, you have the option to bypass these paywalls, though at the expense of time.


Many contemporary companies build their client base via a mixture of organic and paid marketing practices. In fact, in ordinary cases, this is the most efficient marketing strategy. However, paid promotion of cannabis and CBD products is banned or restricted on most renowned platforms. Hence, if your trade deals with CBD products, you have no other choice but to build your way up steadily through SEO and other inbound marketing tactics.


With that said, with a digital marketing plan, you’ll be capable of:


  • Understanding the target audience: This is a staple in most modern marketing plans and a sine qua non for every campaign that aims to succeed. If you don’t know what your target is, how do you even begin to formulate a plan? Within the framework of CBD marketing, you’ll be able to ascertain that adults aged between 18 and 35 tend to be more enthusiastic about cannabis-based products, while older people are generally more skeptical.
  • Eliciting a coordinated effort across all departments: With access to a centralized plan, all staff members can communicate swiftly, so that everyone moves in the same direction and pursues the same global objectives.
  • Optimizing resource usage: A good marketing plan allows you to set up a budget comprising all the estimated costs. That way, you’ll only be spending the company’s resources on things that are necessary in order to attain the campaign’s goals.


Components of a marketing plan


A marketing plan is set up to present your value proposition in several different ways. To wit:


  • Content marketing: This is modern marketing par excellence. Its goal is to educate customers and attract them by presenting interesting ideas that are related – closely and loosely – to the product or service offered. This type of marketing also attempts to teach the target audience how this product or service works and how they can take advantage of it.
  • Email marketing: One of the oldest forms of digital marketing, and a spiritual successor to traditional direct-mail marketing. CBD businesses and cannabis dispensaries can use their address book and send promotional content through their email client, a mechanism that is far from dead. As a matter of fact, many people still regularly check emails and studies have shown the great ROI that email marketing has yielded and still yields.
  • Advertising: Advertising is a broad term that encompasses a myriad of different marketing procedures, but these are usually consisting of paid promotions that normally appear at different spots on a website or as you consume media or social media content. Several restrictions are applied towards CBD and cannabis derivatives, as disclosed before.
  • Mobile marketing: As the name clearly suggests, this refers to advertising done via smartphones (normally through SMS).
  • Reputation marketing: A type of marketing that relies on customer feedback for the purpose of strengthening your company’s image and boosting its brand recognition among the target audience.
  • Social media marketing: Marketing that’s done through social media accounts. It’s a very widespread form of marketing nowadays, considering the number of people that consume social media content daily.
  • Video marketing: A recent study shows that 86% of businesses utilize video as a tool for marketing due to the leads and ROI they generate. There are many types of videos employed for marketing, such as animations, live-action videos and even live streams.
  • SEO (search engine optimization): One of the best methods for stimulating organic traffic, meaning that it’s meant to attract interested parties to a landing page (a page designed to convert visitors into customers) through an unpaid medium or source. This is arguably one of the most important components within the confines of a marketing plan and merits a more detailed explanation.


Online shopping is here to stay, and more and more retailers are opting for opening online stores in lieu of the traditional physical store our predecessors have been accustomed to. 

Several goods have been offered via online stores during the past decade: from gadgets to attire, cars, and even groceries. Likewise, the most recent health crisis has further catapulted the success of online sales, to the point where many businesses scraped physical stores altogether. This shift in the traditional way of conducting business also brought forth a new way to conceive marketing in general.

SEO is simply a manifestation of that new reality. A good contemporary marketing plan attempts to find out what potential leads or customers look for, and market analysts would, in turn, derive their strategy from these findings, optimizing online content to reach more people matching their company’s ideal customer profile. This is done via a series of techniques applied in web design and social media interactions or posts, with the aid of various optimization tools.

What is SEO?

So that readers are aware of the effort that goes into SEO marketing, we’ve found it useful to offer a brief explanation that covers some of its most important elements as well as how these elements can be integrated into your CBD and CBD oil marketing plan. When it comes to digital marketing and, particularly, SEO marketing, there is more than meets the eye!

SEO stands for “search engine optimization”, which essentially is a method through which you can make your website approachable to your ideal audience. This is carried out through assorted practices that take into account the algorithm utilized by a given search engine to rank websites. Google is constantly updating its ranking criteria and algorithm to deliver the most accurate answer to a user’s query, so SEO tactics are, correspondingly, subject to constant revision, owing to the ever-changing nature of the World Wide Web.

Search engine optimization is not reduced to introducing a bunch of keywords and meta tags in key places. There’s a prominent place for keywords within the whole scheme, but the Google search engine, as well as its rivals, have become more sophisticated as time went on. Content is ever more important now, and Google’s algorithm also examines whether the content has internal coherence and it’s useful for the user. The importance of strong content in SEO should not be overlooked!


Search engines (particularly Google) perform four basic functions to deliver their results:

  1. Discovery: The search engine basically sifts through URLs of different pages via links contained on other pages, inbound links, and sitemaps.
  2. Crawling: Afterwards, the search engine scans the page. Google has a very intricate algorithm that defines how URLs are prioritized, and then the Googlebot would visit the pages that meet the priorities laid out.
  3. Indexing: Organizing and storing the content they find during crawling. This content would be displayed as long as it is in the index.
  4. Ranking: The results would be ordered according to what the search engine deems to be the best answers to the query submitted by the user.

A good SEO job ought not to lose focus on the Google index, which is Google’s database of different web pages that are ready to be shown when matching a specific search. We must keep in mind that indexing issues are very common, even on renowned websites.

You’ll be surprised at the rate of index issues that giant websites like Amazon present. Before you think you’re off the hook because your website is small, be mindful that websites with up to 10k URLs are additionally susceptible to experiencing indexing problems.

To make matters worse, a Google staff member has recently admitted that, even if the coding is correct and a webpage is suitable for indexing, Google might simply not crawl and index it for practical reasons, or because the site is deemed as “not meeting the quality bar” (whatever that may mean at a given moment).

Reasons why your site may not be indexed

There are several reasons why search engines, and, most specifically, Google, may not index and rank a site. At times, these are related to the actual content but, in many cases, sites may have a great deal of useful content trapped into horribly optimized coding.

These are, in a nutshell, the most common reasons why a website may not be indexed by Google:

  1. Low quality or duplicated content: The google bots discern a common pattern and are instructed thus not to crawl further due to suspicion of duplicated or “spammy” content.
  2. Lack of a domain name: The URL may not match the content or not be set up correctly.
  3. Convoluted coding: When the bots find it hard to navigate through the website’s code, they simply won’t go further because of the crawling or indexing issues that ensued from it.
  4. Slow load times: It’s important that your site has fast loading times. Google cares about bringing a smooth browsing experience, and slow-loading pages are not attractive to their index. You need to check if the content is correctly optimized or if you’re not adding too much content that could clog the bandwidth.
  5. The site isn’t user-friendly: Engagement is another important factor that Google takes seriously. A user-friendly site allows users to find the information they need without having to sift through a complicated and confusing table of contents or having to suffer through a tortuous number of popups.

SEO specialists, like those at ePropel, are very aware of all these difficulties and may be able to deliver technical solutions so that you can drive more traffic to your CBD website or online shop. 

Among other things, they’re capable of employing various tricks for better indexing by improving the sitemap, employing URL optimization techniques, and tweaking the robots.txt file that instructs the Google robots where to crawl or not to crawl. In addition, these professionals are qualified to craft and weave together high-quality content, introducing links naturally throughout your website or online store so that the bots may index the pages contained therein more easily.

Keywords and meta tags

Keywords and meta tags are to SEO what bricks are to a house. They’re vital components of a good SEO strategy but are still far from its entire focus.

Meta tags are built into the source code of a webpage and are not normally visible to the people surfing the web. Within meta tags. there are two variables to define, to wit: description and keywords. Description, as the name suggests, describes the content of the website. Keywords, on the flip side, are basically terms separated by commas that highlight important information present on your webpage.

Most search engines nowadays don’t offer support for meta keywords, and the reason is obvious: they can be misleading. It has happened many times that website owners would include meta tags not remotely related to the content in order to drive more traffic to it, a proceeding that has spawned a great deal of controversy, especially whenever the misleading tag would lead minors to offensive material not suitable for them. You’ll still find ecosystems that utilize a meta tags system, such as the Apple App Store, but this should not concern us for now.

So, we’re left with the keywords, which should assist you in targeting your audience. They consist of a combination of words that match the words and phrases that people surfing the net use the most when researching a specific topic.

These keywords ought to also be included in your website’s name and titles for better results, as well as the meta description, which is the snippet that Google shows below the site’s name and is normally located under the main heading (designated with the H1 tag).

Keywords related to CBD are numerous and are researched using multiple tools. Not all tools are adequate for all types of keyword research, which is why it’s crucial that this task be performed by a specialist.

Landing page

The landing page is paramount in enriching your conversion rate. It’s hands down the most important page in the context of your SEO strategy, because it’s the one that defines if a visitor turns into a customer or lead and, hopefully, a future ambassador for the brand. 

Landing pages have to be as straightforward and streamlined as possible, within reasonable boundaries. Visitors would still have to suffer through all the mandatory cookies and privacy policy notices but, once those are out of the way, the landing page should contain as few distractions and annoyances as possible.

A landing page normally consists of a headline, supporting headline, value proposition, benefits of your offer, images and videos, a social proof (testimony), reinforcement statements (those that complement the headline), closing arguments (the summary of what the visitor will get once the terms of the offer are accepted), and a call to action. (“buy”, “download”, “subscribe”, etc.) 

Out of these, the call to action should be the most visible and persuasive part of the landing page, because it’s what ultimately generates the “conversion”. 

How does SEO help CBD brands?

SEO should be an integral part of every marketing campaign, and for good reason. Unless your page is optimized to appear on the top of a search results list, you’ll not get enough leads and, therefore, your ROI and profitability will be low.

Unfortunately, as stressed earlier, most digital platforms don’t offer advertisement spaces for CBD products. Facebook has been specifically vocal against CBD, calling it an unsafe substance, though it has been relaxing its stance in later years, particularly on “hemp-based products”. Nevertheless, some ads would still be classified as unsafe even when not mentioning CBD by name.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, targeting, and digital branding are also virtually off-limits for the time being, particularly if you are a CBD business operating legally in Canada. The most you could do is find a platform that is more permissive for these types of advertisements, and there are few with enough reach to make a substantial difference.

With that said, not all is lost. Instagram is a nice alternative, as it focuses on visual stories and you’re able to get highly creative with how you promote your CBD brand. Admittedly, Instagram’s community guidelines regarding cannabis-based content are vague enough to make cannabis entrepreneurs think twice before promoting their products there, but the experience so far has been reportedly positive.

Another platform that offers a niche opportunity for CBD ventures is Snapchat, a platform that caters to the age group most susceptible to consuming CBD products (ages between 18-29). Its user base is no slouch either, with over 92 million active users only in North America. It’s also a very effective marketing tool with the capability of leaving a lasting impression thanks to its content creation management.

Many people are unaware that several SEO tactics can also be employed in social media posts, in the same manner as in websites. The algorithms in social media platforms are admittedly hard to tackle, though, considering how they change constantly to the point of hampering any opportunity for organic growth. Nonetheless, the ability to use hashtags and keywords, combined with the new tendency on the part of some platforms to show content from accounts we don’t necessarily follow, means that you can potentially get a sizable following on your business account (and, therefore, leads).

The posts you create on these social media apps can additionally behave as routes to drive traffic to your website and generate conversions. A conversion is defined as the process by which a website visitor completes the website owner’s goals. To put it in laymen’s terms – in the context of CBD marketing – when a person who’s lured to a CBD website buys a product offered therein, a conversion was generated and the goal of the marketing campaign was accomplished (at least in a concrete way).

All in all, organic marketing delivers a better retention rate overall, even though growth may feel slower at first. This is important to consider since there is currently an oversaturation of cannabis businesses aggressively trying to steal the market share, and you should be able to stand out among them through your content, which is basically your only alternative anyways (at least for the time being).

This is where ePropel comes to the fore. At ePropel, we’re aware of the powerful long-lasting effects of content-focused CBD marketing, and we take advantage of all the SEO tools at our disposal to drive heavy traffic to your online CBD venture. We’ll let our satisfied clients speak on our behalf!

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It is important for marijuana companies to find ways to market their products in the digital space. In this section, we will explore the best practices for marijuana marketing online.

There are a lot of benefits of using digital marketing to promote marijuana products. It is an effective way to reach a large audience, and it allows you to target specific demographics with your marketing efforts.

This section will explore the best practices for marijuana marketing online.

Marketing marijuana online is a booming industry. The industry has been growing significantly in recent years, and is expected to grow even more in the future.

Marijuana marketing online has many benefits for both the company and the consumer. The company can generate more revenue by targeting more ready-to-purchase customers, while the customer gets to find or purchase marijuana products with ease. Companies that market their products online are also able to provide a better customer experience as they can offer live chat, video chat, and phone support all from their website.

The legalisation of marijuana has opened up new opportunities for companies to enter this space as well as new challenges for those who are already in it. One of these challenges is how to find an online marketing agency that aligns with your values and goals. Finish the rest of this section on marijuana marketing to find out one of the top marijuana marketing agencies in the world.

The legalization of cannabis in Canada has led to a significant change in the way the product is marketed. With the legalization, companies are now able to advertise their products on social media, billboards and other public spaces.

The legalization of cannabis has also opened up new internet marketing opportunities for businesses. With more people being exposed to marijuana ads, there is an increased need for companies to create content that will resonate with this audience. There are many ways in which these businesses can market their products online and some of these methods include:

– Using influencers and celebrities

– Creating sponsored posts

– Producing videos

– Creating blogs and articles

Marijuana marketing online is a new and emerging form of cannabis marketing that has been growing in popularity. It’s a very creative way to market marijuana and it’s become a big part of the cannabis industry.

It is important for marijuana companies and dispensaries to have an online presence because it expands their customer base and can help them reach more people. It also provides a place for customers to find information about the company, what they offer, and how they operate.

The marijuana industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. However, due to legal restrictions, it has been difficult for companies in this industry to market their products and services.

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We have created a unique approach to content marketing and SEO that is based on the idea of creating “content-driven websites.”

In an increasingly digital world, the need for content has never been greater. The demand for fresh and original content has never been higher. As such, businesses are looking more and more to digital agencies like Epropel Digital to help them with their online presence.

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Epropel Digital is a digital marketing agency that specializes in the cannabis industry. We have been in the industry for some years now, and we have managed to establish ourselves as one of the top CBD marketing agencies.

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