E-commerce SEO that will get you top rankings on Google

We can help you develop and execute a clear and strategic SEO roadmap with priorities that are directly linked to your business goals. We will work one-on-one with your team to boost your SEO and hopefully achieve all goals (SEO and business).


Our Working Process


We will comb through your website with a fine-tooth comb to find all SEO issues that need fixing.

Research & Planning

We will find all available keywords that you can use to drive qualified traffic.

Strategy + Execution

This is where we put everything together to get you the top rankings you desire. This phase is where a lot of the magic happens.

Ongoing Maintenance

After securing top rankings, we will continue to grow SEO efforts and sustain success. 

Rank Higher On Search Engines

There are many benefits of ecommerce SEO. One of the most important one is that it can help you rank higher on search engines and get more traffic to your website. It also helps you generate more sales as it allows your potential customers to find your product easily.

Improve Brand Awareness

You can propel your business forward: we deliver top-notch e-commerce SEO. Ecommerce SEO is a technique which helps in improving the brand awareness of a company by optimizing its website for search engines. In order to have any success with ecommerce SEO, it is important to have a strategy and to plan ahead. 

Start Taking Advantage Of This Massive Opportunity

E-commerce is a multibillion-dollar industry that is expected to grow exponentially in the next few years. This is because of the increasing number of people who are investing in buying products online, and this trend is only set to continue.

In order to ensure that their businesses continue to grow, e-commerce companies need to invest time and money into SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques. These techniques help their websites rank high in search engine results pages so that they can be found by potential customers. The higher up on the search engine results page, the more likely a customer will click on it and buy from your business.

E-Commerce is a lucrative business and is believed to be one of the fastest-growing sectors, but often, the marketplace is perceived to be dominated by Amazon. However, if the right SEO marketing strategies are applied, even small e-Commerce businesses can also get their fair share to attract new and loyal customers.


As such, marketing is the bread and butter of any online business, and this is where e-commerce SEO is brought into play. However, many entrepreneurs out there placed their trust in e-Commerce SEO agencies only to find out that their negative SEO practices destroyed their websites. Other small businesses already shell out a huge amount of money to boost their organic rankings, only to realize that the SEO company they hired was peddling outdated SEO tactics.


Words of caution for every entrepreneur


Major SEO mistakes like Black Hat SEO techniques are against search engine guidelines, causing your website to not sell and rank in your target market. These practices and issues add fuel to your swirling challenges in growing the business and can send you back to square one in your e-commerce marketing efforts – a high opportunity cost if you are not cautious. However, the bright side of failure is – it teaches valuable lessons on how to rise above your circumstances and succeed. Despite the downturn, the ball is still in your court, so pay close attention to red flags for fake SEO companies next time. By this logic, staying on guard at all times against dishonest e-commerce SEO firms can be very frustrating,

but it’s worth it!


Let’s get

down to business!


‍SEO is a critical necessity of any e-Commerce website. If you are an e-commerce business owner who wants to increase your ROI through organic traffic and e-commerce website optimization, then you come to the right place.


But first, let me tell you this, it is crucial to start SEO on the right foot when handling your

e-commerce SEO campaigns. SEO feat can be tricky if you don’t master the ins and outs

of improving your website’s organic ranking and rolling your e-commerce store up

to the top of Google’s rankings the right way. 

Alternatively, there are many SEO tools that you can use to do the heavy lifting on your site for you. But as an entrepreneur with a full plate already, hiring an e-Commerce SEO company who already learned the ropes of search engine optimization would cut down your golden time spent in marketing. Instead, you can devote your precious time and focus on things that truly matter in your business.


Accelerate your organic growth


For entrepreneurs,  their focus is key to success. Speaking of focus, you can truly concentrate on running your business if you hire an SEO expert. Whatever business niche you are in, this is a harsh truth: online market competition is cut-throat.


So if you want to corner the online retailing market, you need to focus your marketing on giving your customers the best user experience and website’s online visibility. The more SEO has impacted every stage of the customer’s journey, the more your audience is aware of your brand.

Good thing? Absolutely. So, make it your rule of thumb to ensure that your SEO strategies aim to enhance your website’s customer experiences. And since most users interact with their smartphones nowadays to find products, services, and answers to their queries, integrating digital experiences with on-site touchpoints becomes more important than ever.

In particular, to consistently get more leads, consider the different ways your customers interact with your brand; this gives you more opportunity to be seen on Google. Ranking highly on Google is equivalent to having a store in a great location. You will get huge sales simply because you are in the perfect place when people want to spend their money. 



  • You are an SEO manager looking to upscale your client’s business.
  • You are a  business owner trying to find innovative ways to increase your ROI.
  • You are a growth marketer who is passionate about finding a more effective way to get more traffic and be found by potential customers.
  • You want to supercharge your e-Commerce SEO.

Sounds familiar? Read on…

There are many questions here, and the main one is why does e-Commerce SEO matter in your business?

Without further ado, here are the BIG takeaways why you should do e-Commerce SEO for your website…

People search a lot on Google

According to statistics, almost 44% of people start their shopping journey by searching online. Since Google currently holds most

of the searches, you can definitely bring more users to your e-Commerce store by optimizing your website. By far, this is the

BEST way to improve your organic traffic.


Most e-Commerce traffic comes from search engines

With the current trend of many people purchasing online, boosting your organic traffic is the best way to go. It is estimated that

about 37.5% of clients who buy the product through e-commerce stores search online for relevant products before making

a purchase decision.


Most e-commerce purchases and sales come from organic traffic

As mentioned previously, implementing SEO in your store builds your website’s visibility. The more your website is found online,

the more it smoothly passes traffic to your other touchpoints. And the more website visits you get, it could mean more customers

and sales. 


Essentially, the sales you make potentially beget more visibility, thereby creating a positive feedback loop. Simply put, the more you optimize customer’s touchpoints like visiting your website or scrolling down your product pages, the more you give something extra for the users. It is, in great measure, you guide them along their shopping journey from start to finish.


It’s never too late to implement a functional e-Commerce marketing system. Get in touch with us to learn more about our tailored plan based on the SEO strategies that fit your business.

SEO: a gold mine of opportunity!

Before we dive into details on e-Commerce SEO, first things first. It is crucial to know

the basics of eCommerce SEO and understand how it helps scale your business. 

E-Commerce SEO is a low-hanging fruit that any entrepreneur can take advantage of. Compared to paid ads and social media, e-Commerce SEO has the best potential to increase your organic traffic without so much effort and money to burn.


Suppose you have invested more in growing your social media in the past, but it’s not translating into sales, website visits, or conversions. In that case, it is time to recalibrate your marketing strategy to get maximum results.


On a side note, bringing in more sales without risking splashing out your money on advertising is a great way to build your e-commerce empire. Too good to be true? Yes, BUT most of the time, this is easier said than done.


We understand that laying the groundwork for your SEO campaign can be confusing, but don’t chicken out and remain inactive because you can’t get the hang of SEO pretty quickly – learning SEO takes time and constant practice. Leave it to the e-Commerce SEO experts!

We’ve got you covered! ePropel helps many e-Commerce businesses unlock massive traffic and get real results by utilizing effective e-Commerce SEO strategies with clear ROI. As part of the process, we will analyze your website to identify SEO errors, keyword opportunities, and effective tactics to outrank competitors. 


Reality check:

Your online store can’t do anything powerful without SEO. Every marketing effort is judged according to the impact it makes on your business’s bottom line. Optimizing your website is the best side hustle you can invest in. If you complete the necessary SEO legwork now, you will be saved in the future once results are coming into full swing.


The subtle changes in your e-Commerce SEO strategies will help you get more organic sales to your website, making a big difference in your e-commerce store’s financial health. All you do now is push as hard as you can to get off to a flying start for your internet marketing efforts. 


Additionally, be fully aware that there is no road to easy success. If there was, let me tell you,  you would get lapped by people who gave their all at the competition. By all means, to be successful in the online marketing feat, SEO needs to be done right from the beginning. Same with SEO,  the nail needs to be hit on its head to get the desired results.

These insights are just the start. Anyone considering taking their online business to the next level must chase the elusive unicorn to create multiple income streams. Finally, once you get the right people clicking through your website from those search engine results, you will practically make sales on autopilot. Yes, you heard it right – you will make MORE money every month in passive income without any recurring fees and no working on a side hustle. Voila!


Learn the Ropes 

Nail Your e-Commerce SEO!


There is no point in creating a beautiful website, and no people are finding it. Of course, this is NOT a good bang for your buck. So if you are an e-commerce store owner, planning to get more visibility and traffic should be a priority after your e-Commerce website is fully launched and functional. Inevitably, there are so many things vying for your attention. To get a handle on your situation, you need to get your priorities straight!

Another thing to consider is the competition. If you want to stay ahead of the pack, you need to plan your overall digital marketing strategy, come up with an SEO game plan and stick with it. When done correctly, an impeccable SEO strategy has a strong potential of increasing your ROI and getting the upper hand with competitors. 

However, if you cut corners, it might get you ahead for a short time, but it will only cost you a fortune in the long run. This is because implementing bad SEO campaigns can lead you into a hole where you spent a lifetime digging yourself out while your competitors are winning clients. Of course, this is definitely a tough pill to swallow.

Be in the know about the latest updates on e-Commerce SEO

Take advantage of our comprehensive and

direct-to-the-point free video training!


To keep you on your toes, here are the best SEO strategies that will help you optimize your website effectively. Let’s dive right into these actionable SEO strategies.


Choose the right targeted keywords to rank for


Put another way, keyword research is the first step to any SEO campaign. Like the compass, keyword research points to the direction you will be heading and tells you if you are getting off track.

Actionable step: Strategically insert keywords throughout your e-commerce store that match your search terms. After you run a search, you will find a list of relevant sites like yours. As you continue to integrate the best related and local keywords, it conveys search engines to their core and makes your page appear more relevant to search engines. Once you know the perfect keywords to incorporate in your content, go ahead and optimize your site to rank for other related searches.


Improve your e-commerce website structure that enhances SEO 


The right website structure should NOT be confusing to the visitors. So plan and develop an outline of how you will link your pages and posts together. This way, it will be easier for search finders to find your website and Google to crawl and index your e-commerce store.

On a side note, conducting market research will help you learn what the clients are looking for. After knowing your clients’ needs, proceed then to optimize and design a responsive website. One functionality to consider also is the website’s speed. If your site is slow to load, the average users will click away fast and look for other faster pages to read information.


Identify site errors


Common site errors include duplicate content, broken links, 404 errors, and 301 redirects among e-commerce websites. To correct your website’s issue, you need to ensure that your visitors are guided to the right page, remove duplicate content, 404 errors are redirected to your homepage, and ensure you create unique content that’s fully optimized for your audience.


On-page SEO 


After knowing what your target market is looking for, it is time to start your on-page SEO. This strategy is done by optimizing your content from each of your e-commerce pages to rank higher, improve your visibility, and get a more relevant traffic score in the search results. 

When crafting content on your individual web page, make sure that it answers the searcher’s questions. Try to be as informative as possible. Compared to other SEO strategies, on-page SEO is more of a multi-faceted SEO strategy that involves more than just the title tags, schema, meta tags, and whatnot – it’s kind of a holistic practice. So, for now, put your wordsmithing hat on, and let’s go straight into content creation!


Craft your optimized SEO content 


Your content can get you LOTS of targeted traffic and sales if done right. Your content should cover all the key bases – consistency, informative, and high-quality. If you give it your all, your content will generate internal links throughout your website, gaining the traction needed to make sales, boost its profit margins, and eventually grow your business. 


The bottom line is, adding content keeps your website fresh and current. If you post high-quality and relevant topics regularly, you convey authoritative and informative content to your searchers. 

Actionable step: no matter how popular your content, every asset is judged by its impact on your audience, making a difference in how your site performs in search engines. So, keep your high-quality content coming and do share it often to build your links.


Technical SEO 


Like on-page SEO, technical SEO strategy also improves your e-Commerce business searchability and ultimately generates more sales. In contrast to on-page SEO, this strategy is directly related to your website’s aesthetics, architecture,

and usability.

In a nutshell, technical SEO is more on the technical side and the kinds of stuff that sit on your site speed, user experience, codebases, page layouts, load times, mobile-friendliness, and broken links.


Local SEO 


As we all know, your website allows you to target and sell to the world’s entire audience. Inversely, the local SEO strategy enables any business owner to optimize its presence to attract more customers from relevant local searches by ranking higher in your local area’s search engine making local SEO worth investing in. A lot of searches performed are to find products or services within a particular location. Local SEO is the practice of optimizing your website to be seen by local audiences when they perform their search. 

This type of SEO strategy focuses more on local ranking factors giving Google a heads-up that your eCommerce business is located within the area and wants to be found by your potential customers nearby. The only requirement for local SEO is to have a proper address within a specified location, and if you have a store locator on your website, your target customers will definitely find you.


Link building 


Backlinks are believed to be an essential part of the SEO puzzle because it accounts for 50% of SEO success, yet it is very time consuming and frustrating if you don’t have a sound strategy system set up. Since people are reluctant to check out other content, it is difficult to get in front of well-qualified prospects to gain new links in bulk. 

Actionable step: to improve success rates, you need to iron out the flow of your link-building strategy; otherwise, you will be wasting a lot of your time in doing outreach but have little to no show for all your efforts. It gets even more challenging when your website is still new and credibility is not yet established, taking a bit more time to rank.


We analyze your website to identify SEO errors,

keyword opportunities, and competition.


Update your SEO strategy consistently!


With COVID 19 virus continuing to mutate throughout the pandemic, e-Commerce sales are predicted to rise over the coming years. Taking advantage of the difficult season by securing your store, revamping new strategies, and leveraging your

e-commerce SEO system will significantly impact your overall company’s marketing success and skyrocket your sales. 


If the proper measure is done to maintain your organic traffic, it will help spread your brand like wildfire. If you are currently facing troubled waters arising from the pandemic’s uncertainty and lockdown restrictions, running a small business now becomes a make-it-up-as-they-go-along trial without an end.


On the surface, 2020 is an understatement when you say it’s a tough year for different businesses, big and small. No matter how difficult the business situation you are in, an established e-Commerce SEO system in place is a great lifeline in your storm.


Albeit small companies worldwide struggle to keep their heads out of the water, e-Commerce businesses find themselves a unique advantage. Some of them even considered filing for bankruptcy, but they actually made a comeback – a good sign that e-Commerce has ramped up during the pandemic.

Uncertainty of the business is inevitable. It can happen anytime. There are times when business is far from picking up, and when this happens, you find yourself in a cash crunch – unable to pay overhead bills, or worse, you struggle to make a payroll. 

Contemplating to shift to e-Commerce and boosting your website through SEO promised unparalleled growth to get through the tough times. Again, if your brick-and-mortar business slowed down because of COVID-19, consider expanding online – such a great way to be on top of trends and make your business competitive again.

The old saying “No pain, no gain” applies to your SEO endeavor. We’re not going to lie about the magnitude of work needed, and worse, we are not going to sugar coat it to inspire you. SEO is tedious work – you have to plan and implement the SEO strategies with a strict follow-through. A substandard SEO strategy that cuts corners backfires and harms your business. So aim high and don’t settle for good enough!


Change your attitude to boost sales


If you are on the top of your game right now, continue to push on because SEO results don’t happen instantaneously, BUT when they do, they come in the form of new, paying customers for your business. Suppose your ranking increases at a snail pace right now while others are primed and experienced instant massive web growth; take heart. It will SURELY yield maximum results in the months to come if you are consistent with your efforts – often, SEO results take time to kick in.

In essence, It is imperative to keep doing SEO the right way if you want your impact on your audience to be something special.


Stay motivated! 

Focus your eyes on the long-term

SEO prize and what lies ahead.

DON’T be enticed and distracted

by SEO companies offering:

unethical low-quality SEO services that promise quick results and provide faster turnarounds. 

In general, ePropel is a small team of digital marketing and SEO experts that will help you weather your e-Commerce marketing storm using a predefined SEO strategy tailored and custom for your business and niche.

SEO can get complex if you are new to digital marketing, but our seasoned and hands-on ePropel experts have specialized experience helping businesses rank on search engines. You are in good hands with us – we know what it takes to catapult your business and bring in more organic traffic to different search engines like Google. There is no need to hire and train an in-house SEO staff and pay a full-time salary to get results. By hiring us, you will get MORE – pay less without sacrificing your business marketing goals. 


We will show you exactly what to do to get more organic traffic and improve your sales and revenue. If you have an existing marketing system already in place that’s only relying upon paid ads to get new leads or focused on increasing your social media presence and engagement, but the traffic doesn’t lead to conversions, now is definitely the right time to conduct a new marketing assessment for your business.

Let’s say the content you created on social media was engaging and went viral. You only scratch the surface when it comes to marketing your business online — considering that it takes time to get the following base big enough to generate conversions. It’s common to assume that once you’ve set up your website and run some paid social media ads, then you have done the necessary legwork. 

That’s a crucial point, especially if you have thrown in more money to make paid campaigns work. If you overlooked boosting your website SEO, then you missed the chance to make tons of money and generate more sales. This shows that you don’t fully realize the value of SEO.


Do you want to nail your e-Commerce SEO campaign?

Watch this free training to help you stay in the loop

with SEO updates.


Let’s take a second to consider our own habits when it comes to finding products and services. Whether you are interested in buying a car or as simple as getting book recommendations, where is your starting point to perform your search? Either way, checking the search engines is the first step in your buying process and finding relevant information, right?

To fully illustrate its substantial benefits why we need to improve your organic rankings, let us enumerate some of the reasons why you should be optimizing your e-commerce site.


About 3.5 billion search queries are fielded by Google daily.  

43% of e-Commerce traffic comes from people searching in Google.  And this is a huge number of target customers! 


Almost 90% of the audience habitually skip paid ads. One reason could be that the content is not resonating with them. 


As you can see, social ads are everywhere, the reason why customers don’t trust them.  

The key takeaway, most customers rely on search engines to help them find products like yours. Many people find it reliable; thus, most of them click on the first search engine results bringing them to the website. If your content offers high-quality information and a source that the users can trust, you gained a new revenue opportunity! Therefore, pat your back because you just successfully turned your website into a cash cow! In brief, the most significant advantage of SEO is you don’t need to pay for ad space.


Let’s work on ranking well towards those searches so you will be more visible to your target market, who are highly motivated and ready to buy your product. Perhaps, today is your golden opportunity to capitalize on your e-Commerce SEO marketing strategies, with more people now looking for products and services online.


Get in touch with us

for a more in-depth explanation about

how to boost your organic search through implementing e-Commerce SEO.

If you are 100% convinced that your site needs optimizing, let’s now sort out the missing ingredients to nail down your SEO strategies.

In the past few years, we have set up an effective SEO system customizable for any e-Commerce website. Our process is designed to give your business a competitive edge over its competitors.

Our previous clients have dramatic improvements in their ROI after we laid the foundation for their e-commerce SEO – website optimization was indeed a game-changer for their business. It’s just so amazing how they’ve achieved exponential revenue growth that makes their business much more sustainable.

We understand that as an entrepreneur, your natural instinct is to grow the business. While SEO is not considered an exact art – yet our clients find value in our SEO service. Why? It’s because we guarantee 100% results. 

Right now, many companies are hurting during COVID-19. If your business survived but NOT making any profits, hang in there. There’s still hope! While the world is in a state of economic fallout and death tolls have spiraled, it is time to take a leap of faith in the business. Plus, if the compulsion doesn’t go away, this calls to be acted upon.


So as mentioned above, you can still leverage the business even in a pandemic situation. If your e-Commerce business struggles to make ends meet, never lower your expectations, let alone settle for something less. 


Remember: business doesn’t grow on trees. Your challenges can be solved by restructuring your marketing plan. It is not just enough to thrive in your industry but aim to dominate in the competition.  The amount of work to put in to outrank competitors is massive, but rest assured, your dedication and effort will take you to the cut!


So, the BIG question is:

Are you ready to be competitive?


If you are up for the challenge, here’s a step-by-step process on how we helped our clients improved sales and spread brand awareness through increasing their organic traffic:


Figure out the keywords or search terms

your ideal customers are searching for


Make NO mistake!

Keywords are the content foundation. Knowing the BEST keywords

to rank for gives you the best insight into your potential customers’ queries, interests, and pain points.


Here’s what you will get when you avail

our e-Commerce SEO service:


ePropel’s kick-off and jumpstart bundle

As part of the kick-off process, you will be informed about the following:


  • e-Commerce SEO Campaign duration – takes us six months to be exact to implement our e-Commerce SEO best practices into your store and improve your site’s ranking in the search engines’ organic search results.
  • Payments are made on a monthly basis.
  • Each month we will keep you abreast with the work done. We will be sending a detailed report to track progress and where you are at in terms of current rankings.
  • Within 4-6 months, your organic traffic will start to kick in – the expected timeline for the massive improvements in your website’s search visibility score.


In-depth, Google analytics-driven audits

for your website


Compared to a frequent doctor’s visit to ensure our well-being, your website needs a regular health check to perform well. We proactively run monthly site audits as a part of maintenance practices to assess your e-Commerce website’s performance, online presence, security, customer conversations, and a lot more. 

As mundane as a website audit looks like, it provides valuable insight into how you launch your website to the next level. Analyzing the data from an audit report gives us a feel about your website’s performance potential. With the baseline data generated, we can create actionable steps to execute your website’s necessary fixes.


If you want to analyze and check your website’s SEO health,

take advantage of our FREE site audit.

Act fast – limited offer only!


Efficient steps to spy on your competitors


Want a quick answer to why we need to keep an eye on your competitors? Simple – to outrank them! Our competitor analysis strategies will uncover the detail of your rival’s digital marketing tactics, high-ranking content, keywords and search terms they ranked for, and so on.

Spying on your competitors is never as nefarious as it may seem nowadays. It doesn’t mean stealing their data. Through understanding how your competitors are doing in your market, we can visualize the big picture and take a quick snapshot of the landscape. Basically, this strategy is not about copying but getting an idea of what works and doesn’t so we can improve your SEO game plan with data-backed techniques and ultimately discover the inexhaustible opportunities for your business. Sounds good?


Outstanding keyword selection strategies for

a value-driven content


Deliver transparent monthly SEO reporting with KPI tracking


We deliver real results, no fluff!


A successful e-Commerce business starts and ends with the website. Setting your e-Commerce store is just the first step in starting your online business, but don’t stop right there. The MOST challenging part is how to leverage your store’s potential – getting noticed, captivating new customers, and ultimately closing the deal.

Remember, you’ve come a long way to set up your business, and there’s no point turning back. If you are still hesitant to jump on the eCommerce SEO bandwagon, let me reiterate this: beyond the purpose of ranking highly in the organic search, we want to skyrocket your sales and unleash your business’s maximum potential.

Running and growing a site is a lot of work. Aside from that, it is too risky to make a mistake; otherwise, your investment will go to waste. Make sure whoever you entrusted the job knows what they are doing. 


As your SEO fulfillment partner, we will help you establish SEO strategies that help your business scaleto the fullest. We value your trust, and we will treat your website like our own.


We will make it happen

for you!


A good SEO campaign in place is not as difficult as you think.


That’s why we will help you step by step in getting your e-Commerce SEO campaign up and running according to a realistic timeline.


We will put everything together for you, bump up your uniqueness score and help you rank for a wider variety of queries.

To summarize, the path to SEO is a tough long-term battle and requires consistent improvement in e-Commerce websites and marketing strategies, but we’ve got your back! Momentum is hard to accrue, but it’s worth saying, the faster you take action, the quicker you rise.


Final words


SEO is a critical need by e-Commerce businesses nowadays. There is no other way to move forward your e-Commerce business faster and get better ROI than optimizing your website. As an e-Commerce digital marketing agency, we will get the results for you while you focus on your business. Choosing your e-Commerce digital marketing agency is a matter of life and death. It could help you succeed or fail in your SEO campaigns. So choose wisely. Your choice in hiring the right e-Commerce SEO agency matters because it either catapults your e-Commerce store to brilliant new levels of success or pulls your business a giant step backward. 

Partner with ePropel, and guaranteed, your business is in good hands. We have what it takes to help your business grow. We will unleash your e-Commerce to its full potential allowing your website to get more traffic, exponentially increase your revenue and gain more repeat businesses online. So whether you want to increase your profit or get your brand out there, ePropel’s e-Commerce marketing services will help achieve your business’s goals to succeed within a target audience.


All these SEO tips can be overwhelming,

BUT you don’t have to do it alone.


E-commerce SEO & Marketing Services

Eliminate the excruciating pain that comes with doing your SEO by taking advantage of our decades of combined expertise.