NUMO Cannabis (Top Edmonton Dispensary)

This is a case study of how an Edmonton dispensaries operator used ePropel Digital SEO to increase their online presence and generate more leads.

NUMO Cannabis was already a top cannabis dispensary operator in Edmonton, Canada. They opened their doors as soon as they could after legalization and quickly became a destination for people looking to find the best cannabis products in Edmonton.


In 2021, NUMO Cannabis decided to expand their business online with an online dispensary website and SEO (and by offering weed delivery in Edmonton and surrounding areas). They started looking into digital marketing and came across us, ePropel Digital SEO, a digital marketing service provider that specializes in search engine optimization (SEO).

Since, ePropel Digital Dispensary SEO helped them with some key strategies such as keyword research, content creation and link building campaigns.

The result? NUMO Cannabis saw an increase of mind numbing percentage points across all target locations and organic traffic on their website within three months of working with us.

ONCE AGAIN -This is a case study on how NUMO Cannabis (Top Edmonton Dispensary) used OUR DIGITAL CANNABIS MARKETING AGENCY ePropel Digital SEO to increase their online visibility.