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SEO for Cannabis Dispensary

Cannabis is legal in a majority of states in America, but the stigma surrounding it persists. This stigma makes it difficult for dispensaries to reach potential customers. Additionally, advertisement restrictions make it hard for dispensaries to stand out from the competition. With the industry growing rapidly, it’s more important than ever for dispensaries to find innovative ways to connect with customers.

SEO for Cannabis Dispensary | ePropel Digital

Get found online with the best SEO tips for cannabis dispensaries.

As a dispensary owner, you know that attracting new customers is key to your success. But how can you reach those potential customers when they’re searching for information online? SEO, or search engine optimization, is the key to gaining visibility online and driving traffic to your dispensary. In this blog post, we’ll explain what SEO is and how you can use it to promote your cannabis dispensary. Keep reading to learn more!

What is Cannabis Dispensary SEO?

Having a website for your cannabis dispensary is not enough to attract new customers. You need to be visible on the search engine results page or SERPs to increase traffic to your site.

SEO is an essential tool for your business to gain visibility, and organic traffic and drive new customer acquisition. Your site can rank higher on search engines and be visible to users searching for cannabis products in your area by optimizing the correct keywords and search terms on-page and off-page.

In layman’s terms, SEO is a way for your website to rank higher on the search engine results page. The more visitors you’ll receive, the more chances you’ll have to convert these leads into sales.

Why SEO is Critical for your Dispensary

SEO in the cannabis industry is more crucial than in other business categories. Why? Because the cannabis business is prohibited from using traditional forms of advertisement like social media marketing and pay-per-click advertising. 

SEO has become the only viable way for businesses in the cannabis industry to secure a significant online presence. 

Importance of SEO for a Dispensary | ePropel

Proper SEO is key for a successful ecommerce dispensary.

In doing SEO, you will also be able to share information about cannabis with those who want to learn and need to use it. Thus, attracting ideal customers to your site.

To get the edge on the competition, every cannabis dispensary should invest in a comprehensive SEO strategy. You may pose a great risk of losing potential customers to competitors if you still don’t have SEO as a marketing tool.

Though SEO may seem overwhelming and laborious to do, it will all be worth it once you start to notice that more and more users are visiting your site. More so if those leads have turned into sales. 

Best Practices for Cannabis Dispensary SEO

The following steps are some of the tried and tested practices that helped cannabis dispensaries boost their businesses’ performance in search rankings:

  • Create Google My Business Profile

Creating a Google My Business profile will automatically index your name, address, and phone number with Google. Providing comprehensive information in your GMB profile can also help you rank in the Google Local Pack- this features a map of business locations and listings for three businesses relevant to a particular search. When you appear in the Google Local Pack, you win because you’ll be getting more traffic on your website than your competitors.

  • On-Page SEO

The most important page on the website of single-location dispensaries is the homepage. While for multi-location dispensaries, the most important pages are the location pages. 


Cannabis Dispensary SEO - Best Practices | ePropel

Get positive results with SEO Dispensary Best Practices!

You can implement SEO-friendliness on these pages by using keywords and providing as comprehensive information as possible to the users.

Optimizing the cannabis products pages and images on your website can also help you to rank for keywords. 

  • Website Architecture

Your website architecture and sitemap are essential factors for local SEO. When Google crawls your sitemap to understand your website architecture, it must allow Google to understand what your website is about. The important thing is that your website should make sense hierarchically.

  • Content Creation

Since cannabis involves a broad spectrum of products, customers search for thousands of queries on Google every day. Some of the most common searches are “best CBD products in (area)” and “best edibles near (area).”

If you have blog articles that can answer those queries on your website, you may rank in Google for those keywords that people are searching for and will therefore drive traffic to your site. Google can also notice and may see your website as an authoritative source of information about cannabis, making your site more valuable than your competitors.

  • Provide a Great User Experience

A user’s experience on a website is essential. If you are a cannabis dispensary with a myriad of products, you should ensure that it is easy for visitors to find what they are looking for on your site. Your contact details should also be available and clickable on a mobile device, making it easier for users to reach you. You can also consider online ordering with the options of shipping or curbside pickup.

 Probably think of everything that would make users’ experience on your website SUPER easy because a bad user experience can significantly affect your SEO efforts.

Ready to Start SEO for your Cannabis Dispensary?

Working with a reputable SEO company that understands the cannabis industry is a great way to improve your business. At ePropel, we have a team made up of experienced, driven, and compassionate people who have worked closely with numerous dispensary owners. We have a proven SEO system that has helped many companies to succeed, and we know it will help yours too. Just look at how our company was able to help 1922 Cannabis grow its business. Comprehensive information

If you want the same results for your business, then book a free coaching session with us. 


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