SEO For E-Commerce Shop Owners

Any eCommerce business places a high value on ranking at the top of search engines. With the world shifting online, you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to increase sales by appearing near the top of search engine results. While you can achieve this through paid search, the long-term cost of maintaining your position may not be sustainable. This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help.

What is eCommerce SEO? 

eCommerce SEO is the process of increasing the visibility of your website or online store in search engine results pages, or SERPs, so that when people search for products that you sell, you can rank higher and receive more traffic. 

Optimizing your headlines, product descriptions, metadata, internal link structure, and navigational structure for search and user experience is typically part of the process. You should also create a page dedicated to attracting traffic for each of the products you sell. Also, don’t forget to optimize your site’s non-product-oriented pages by using keywords that are relevant to them.

Why is SEO for eCommerce important? 

Google processes over 3.5 billion searches per day, many of which are for products and services that consumers require. They are looking for alternatives, comparisons, recommendations, and reviews to aid in their decision-making.

If your website does not appear on the SERPs, you lose critical access to interested and qualified customers. Your products and services may be available online, but are you confident that customers will be able to locate them?

That is where the significance of SEO comes into play. SEO can help you reach your target audience without spending money on advertisements. Once people have access to your website, you can entice them with high-quality products, engaging copy, and compelling calls to action.

So, keep in mind that SEO is important in eCommerce because it can help you overcome the first challenge of acquiring new customers: getting people to visit your website.‍

eCommerce SEO Best Practices

eCommerce SEO may appear to be a daunting task, especially if your website already contains a large number of products. Though it can be overwhelming and time-consuming, SEO will be well worth it in the long run.

The following are some SEO best practices that can help your website gain organic search traffic:

1. Keyword research -Did you know that Google receives 3.8 million searches every 60 seconds? Isn’t that a lot? What’s more, the average consumer processes 100,500 digital words per day. How can you be certain that customers will be able to find you in search engines now that you have all of this information?  To reach your customers, you must first create a list of targeted keywords. The first step in developing your eCommerce SEO strategy is to conduct keyword research.

2. Site Construction – Because eCommerce websites have many product pages, how you organize your website is critical for all eCommerce sites. So, if you’ve been thinking about redesigning your website, now might be a good time. With proper site construction, you will be able to map out how users will navigate through your site. Users should be able to quickly identify key pages on your website as well as their relationships. You should keep in mind that a poor user flow experience on your website can harm your SEO.

3. Product Pages Optimization – If you want to attract and retain new customers, you must consider on-page user optimization. Though not all areas of your website require optimization, you must concentrate on the ones that are most important to online retailers: product descriptions, images, and reviews.

4. Use a Simple URL Structure – Using a simple URL structure improves the user experience and, to some extent, your eCommerce SEO efforts. It may also be simpler to share products on social media and other websites, which may improve your SEO by providing more relevant data to search engines. URLs should, as a general rule, be as readable and understandable as possible.

5. Avoid Duplicate Pages and Content – Duplicate product and category descriptions are a common practice among eCommerce website owners. It’s understandable, though, because they don’t have the resources or the ability to create new content on their own. However, if you want your SEO to work, you must reduce the amount of duplicate content in your product descriptions and other areas. This list could go on and on because there are numerous ways to use SEO for your eCommerce business. The only thing to remember is that if you want to start growing your business, you should definitely start with SEO if you haven’t already.

The Best Time to Do eCommerce SEO is Now

If you believe you are ready to take your eCommerce business to the next level, now is the time to begin SEO. There are many companies and agencies that are offering SEO services in the industry today. You must, however, look for one with a proven track record of success.

At ePropel, we have a tried-and-true SEO system that has helped many businesses succeed, and we are confident that it will help yours as well. Our team is made up of experienced, driven, and compassionate individuals who have assisted companies ranging from small business owners to large corporations such as Capital One in achieving a significant return on investment, so you’re in good hands. We can work directly together to achieve your objectives.

However, please keep in mind that we cannot accommodate everyone who wishes to use our services. This is because we want to know if SEO is a good fit for your company and will help you achieve your goals. This could be the big break your company has been looking for. So, don’t pass up the opportunity to consult with us for FREE!


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