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How to Write and Create Impactful SEO Content

Do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels when it comes to creating SEO content? You’re not alone. A lot of people find it difficult to come up with topics that will rank well and generate traffic. But don’t worry, there are a few things you can do to make the process a little easier. In this post, we’ll talk about how to write SEO-friendly content that packs a punch. Stay tuned!

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Create SEO friendly content the produce real results!

1. Write for your audience first

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s important to remember that you’re writing for people, not search engines. So, always keep your audience in mind when crafting relevant content. What are their needs and wants? What questions do they have that you can answer? You might want to think of a broad topic that your potential customers are searching for. When you focus on your audience first and foremost, the search engines will take notice and be more likely to rank your site higher.

 2. Make it scannable

People are busy, especially online. Because of this, they’re not going to sit there and read every word of your content. They may skim it instead of looking for relevant information. So, it’s important to make your content scannable by using things like headlines, subheadings, lists, and images. This will help break up the text and make it easier for people to digest.

3. Use keywords

Keywords are still important when it comes to SEO (search engine optimization), but you want to make sure you’re using them in a way that won’t annoy your audience. You can do this by sprinkling them naturally throughout the content or by including them in a keyword strategy and mapping out how to use those keywords strategically for maximum impact. One tip would be to include some of your target keyword phrases in your introduction.

You can use some keyword research tools like Ahrefs, Google Search Console, SEMRush, etc. to qualify keywords. The key is to KNOW how to find a competitive keyword (s).

One way to measure popularity is by looking at the search volume. This is the number of times that people have searched for a particular keyword over a period of time. The higher the search volume, the more popular the keyword is.

To select long-tail keywords, you need to be able to assess the level of competition for each word or phrase. Ranking well for high-volume keywords can be tough, so it is best to choose those that have less competition and are more targeted. One way to do this is by looking at search volume and identifying keywords with low volume but high relevance. With the right keyword tool and knowledge, you can find these keywords and use them to improve your chances of ranking well in search results.

Heads-up:  Take advantage of some free SEO Tools online! 

4. Optimize for mobile

If you want to reach the largest number of people possible, you need to make sure your site is optimized for mobile. Mobile optimization is important because more and more people are using their phones and tablets to access the internet, so you don’t want to miss out on potential traffic by not being mobile-friendly. Fortunately, this is easy to do with responsive design.

5. Promote your content

It’s not enough to just write a great piece of content for SEO and expect it to rank well. You also need to promote it by sharing it on social media, email, forums, etc. This will help get your site in front of more people and potentially increase organic traffic and backlinks.

Writing an SEO-friendly article or blog is not always easy, but with these tips in mind, you should be able to make high-quality powerful content that ranks well and generates traffic. Put them into practice, and you’ll start seeing the results you’re looking for.

Ride the wave: SEO content on top of trends is like a gold mine of opportunity for your website to pick up and ride the waves of success. We want to stay relevant and be on top of the trends as we go along with the change in the search engine algorithms that comes with the variation in public opinions and the development of new information now and then. 

6. Link to High-Quality Websites

Links are commonly used to cite material. However, you should not use low-quality websites’ information. Links to spammy sites imply that the content on your page is similarly spammy.

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Increase organic traffic with high quality SEO friendly content!

Always include connections to high-profile websites.

Search engines exist to make valuable information accessible to all. Search engines recognize that you are connected to other sites and collect your information from them when you link to them.

Truth be told, there is no other way to make online sales now than using effective SEO Marketing. So if you are still not convinced that the sales techniques you were taught years ago are no longer relevant, then your business is doomed to fail now. 

To keep abreast of the movement of the online jungle, we need to keep our websites interesting with updated and compelling content! 

What Exactly is SEO Writing?

SEO writing is a form of online writing that focuses on content creation that is optimized for search engines. The goal of SEO writing is to ensure that your original content appears higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) for relevant keywords and phrases.

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How Quality SEO Writing can help your business.

To write SEO-friendly content, you need to understand how search engines work and what types of content users are searching for. You will also want to use keywords and phrases in your content to target relevant search terms. Additionally, you should be aware of how Google’s search algorithms rank the web pages and how it factors in on-page SEO when evaluating a page’s relevancy.

Tip: Don’t forget that your headline is a major factor in a high click-through rate. The content could be excellent but you have to know that a customer (audience) will notice powerful headlines more than the body of the content. 

One of the most important aspects of SEO writing is creating keyword-rich high-quality content. As a general rule of thumb, you should aim to use your target keyword(s) in your title, throughout the body of your article, and in your meta description and tags. However, you should avoid keyword stuffing, which is the act of excessively using keywords in an attempt to manipulate search engine results.

Another important factor to consider when writing SEO-friendly content is readability. Your content should be easy to read and understand, as this will help keep users engaged and ensure that they continue reading until the end. To improve readability, you can break up your text with subheadings, use short paragraphs, and incorporate bullet points or lists.

Finally, you should always proofread your content before publishing it to ensure that there are no errors or typos. A well-written and error-free article will help to create a positive first impression and give users the best possible experience.

SEO writing is an important skill for anyone who wants to write web content that is optimized for search engines. By following the tips above, you can create SEO-friendly content that will help to improve your website’s visibility and search engine rankings. 

Tips on How to Create the Best SEO Content

Excellent SEO article is a gold mine, right? So how do we go about it? Start by educating yourself and creating a content strategy! Below are some tips and insights that you can use to keep your head above the waters as you plunge into writing impactful SEO Content. 

Tips to Create Best SEO Content | ePropel

Creating SEO Content that converts to sales!

What’s the purpose of the website? 

Are you selling a product or a service? Are you building traffic for advertisements? Ask yourself the purpose of the website to adequately plan for SEO content strategies that will leave a mark on your audience. A topic idea should reach goal buckets that we identify as SEO rankings, Sales and Connections, and Brand awareness. If the topic does not have the potential to hit any bucket, then TRASH it.

Create an SEO Cornerstone Contents 

These are the contents that you want to rank #1 on the SERPS, so basically, these are the top-quality in-depth contents that will help you get to your goal. Establish strong target keywords or keywords around which you will write your topic around. Make sure to update the post and, if possible, link to that post from all your related posts (internal link).

Focus on the Reader – It’s equivalent to saying “research your audience”. Remember that you are reaching out to certain types of people. If your website targets experts on your offered product or services, you should have a different approach compared to another website for students or newbies in a particular field that you are writing about.  

Good Writing is Crucial 

Good writing is your means to reach out to your audience. Make it solid by ensuring that your tone, grammar, formatting, and content are top-notch and on point. Gone are the days of long monotonous content/blog posts. We are now in an era when we need to take advantage of our audience’s attention span, making our content concise and easy to read. While taking quality into consideration, fewer words are more in most cases. 

Use Images and Videos 

Digital content is more effective to convey using visual elements. Long and plain text is not enough for you to get noticed, especially in the digital world. Do not hesitate to add relevant images, videos, and infographics to help your content rank in the image and video tabs of Google. 

Fun Fact:  People are great at remembering images rather than words. What’s more, we remember 65% of what we see even after three days, as compared to what we can retain in audio which is only 10%

Heads up: Four (4) million contents are published every day. It shows that simply creating content is not enough for you to be able to make it out there. 

Content Types That Will Increase Traffic

If you’re looking to drive more traffic to your website, you need to create content that people want to read. Different types of content will work better for different audiences, so it’s important to know what those are and how to craft them. In this post, we’ll discuss four types of content that are proven to bring in more visitors. So read on and see which ones work best for you!

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Types of Content that will draw more people to your site.

1. Blog posts

Blog posts are one of the most effective forms of content for attracting new traffic to your website because they’re easy to read and share on social media. They can include anything from current events, how-to guides, lists, and more – as long as they’re relevant to your niche! Additionally, you should make sure to include keyword-rich titles and descriptions so that your posts can be easily found by search engines.

2. Videos

Videos are another great way to attract new traffic to your website, especially if you post them on YouTube or another popular video-sharing site. People love watching videos, and they’re often more likely to share them than written content. To help your videos stand out, be sure to include titles and descriptions that are both compelling and SEO-friendly.

3. Infographics

Infographics are another type of visual content that can drive a lot of traffic to your website if you do them properly. This is because they’re extremely shareable on social media and can help you get more clicks to your website. When creating an infographic, be sure to include eye-catching graphics and concise, valuable information – this will often encourage people to spread it around on social media for their friends and followers to see as well.

4. Case studies

Finally, case studies are another great way to attract more traffic to your website. This is because they’re a type of content that people are interested in reading and sharing, especially if the case study describes their own experiences or challenges. Case studies can also serve as validation for your products or services, which can help you convince prospects to become customers.

5. Guides

A guide is a long and detailed piece of content that exceeds the length, style, and approach of a typical blog post. Guides are a commonly used tactic for email harvesting, and they can be very effective if done correctly. In order to create an effective guide, it is important to work with a skilled designer as well as a talented writer. In addition to a great writing style, the layout and presentation of your guide must also be well-designed in order to make it visually appealing and easy to read.

As you can see, there are many different types of content that you can use to attract more traffic to your website. Which ones will work best for you depends on the niche, audience, and goals of your business and you must make it stand out if you want to succeed in content marketing. The more types of content you use, the more effective your content marketing efforts will be. So be sure to think carefully about what will resonate with your target market before choosing which type of content to focus on!


Making your digital content powerful is not a walk in the park. It takes a lot of effort to learn this, but once you put your heart and mind into creating top-quality, impactful content for your online business, you will realize in the end that it is worth it. Think of it as a means to connect to your audience and let them know you and your offered products and services better. That way, you create a relationship and build a network with your targeted audience, which is great for business, right? 

So, If you need help with your SEO strategies and even your content strategies, ePropel is here to help you realize your business goals. Together, let us work to get you to that spot!


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